Stephen Baird is
a national treasure!

Jesse Slokum
your host

I have seen Stephen

hold three generations enthralled as he performed on Bloomington, Indiana's busker-friendly Kirkwood Avenue. People on the street that day for numerous other reasons blew off whatever else they had in mind and indulged their fancy for his various presentations of style and substance...grandparents standing behind their children, who sat on the sidewalk in front of Dunkirk Square with THEIR children sitting in their laps!

Stephen Baird, whom I originally met in Bloomington, Indiana, has received accolades in newspapers and magazines nationwide...he has contributed greatly to the revival of busking as a very American part of human endeavor when it comes to FREEDOM of expression...Here, I will detail how Baird was inspirational to me back in the late seventies in my adopting busking as a WAY of life...a manner in which I might darn the 'patchwork robe' (which you may want to research by googling the is how I use this (age old term)

"Stephen Baird is the national authority on the history of busking"

- Patty Campbell, Passing the Hat: Street Performers in America

"But none has honored his roots
--or his audience--
as fondly as the man street players
now call 'the Dean.'

Good show."

- People Magazine