Sing a song

In NE Atlanta's Little Five Points 'BOHO' quarter. The mural I'm s

I have a list...

Of songs that I have learned over 38 years, it favors some writers over others...and tends to include songs which describe the often heartbreaking circumstances one endures attempting to find one's voice and express one's soul without become just another personality who ends up living in a "High End" neighborhood, by rendering covers of one's own hits, and selling lots of plastic and glassware for the "industry"....

If you are curious what types of songs help a busker4freedom "Make it through the NIGHT" click the Fave Raves link.

This Is My HABITAT Here

A perfect place to get to know the life and times of a busker for freedom, which I've been for more than 34 years. You'll find pictures of me in various places, at various times, with various friends and other buskers. I'll be adding pictures of my basket collection (The word busker derives from the Spanish word buscar, to seek - as in fame or fortune - and wasn't used in English until the 1860's - busking has even come to mean the act of totally "winging it" - making a song up on the "fly" - off the top, out of thin air...)

Street performers of various sorts use baskets and other things like hats...some swear by top hats, and spiffy Master Of Ceremony type attire place in front of them as a courtesy - and to declare the spot as a 'sovereign' domain while they occupy it...we'll be looking at the basket house/open mike (microphone) tradition in America...

When I busk at the outside right of this gate, I see what you see here,
through the Sample Gate of INdiana University-Bloomington,
looking westward over Kirkwood Avenue

Please Enjoy Your Stay.