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Park Benches Abound

In many towns and cities, in increasing numbers, you'll find benches of various sorts used in public parks placed on streets, avenues and boulevards, especially in the areas adjacent to many of the USA's larger universities. I, myself have played upon these benches or wood, metal and concrete in The Boston Common, Washington Square Park in NYC's Greenwich Village...

Bloomington's Peoples' Park

Is one such place where free-spirited people gather. It's a half a block from the Indiana University campus, IU's Sample Gates, and several coffee houses, besides a food co-op (of which I am a member). The foto above was taken before the park was remodeled, that wall on which I sit is gone, but there are more durable benches and tables there his formative years, many people remember a young fellow named John telling people he'd make it big someday playing there...folks laughed then, but that guy with a dream as big as the world is having a longer laugh, because his last name was, you never know WHO will sit down and sing, or who will put a ducat in your box - (JIM Belushi has graced my basket with the currency of the realm...)

Here's the Group W Bench!

(The one on Kirkwood, in Bloomington, Indiana, NOT the famous song...)