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Busking in a Bubble

I'm talking about a subtle energy thing, not a filmy, floating sphere that comes out of a bottle of liquid soap. One place stands out in my mind when it comes to this discussion. The fabled - now gone to bench valhalla - "GROUP W" bench that sat in front of a small camera shop on Bloomington, Indiana's Kirkwood Avenue, was the place for literally hundreds of hours of busking for me in the past 25 years...I, myself, became quite Identified with this metal-frame wood slat old-fashioned park bench, since I would often sit singing and playing there for 2-3 hours a day during the warm months of the year.


I know of no other way to express my experience of the subtle energy phenomenon I call a Bubble UP. For years, when I would perform on the "Group W Bench" I would wear sunglasses without any myopia "correction" even thogh things get fuzzie a few feet in front of my nose. that is because I realized I didn't need to see 20-20 when I was singing, playing! So, I would wear the shades to "compensate" for the lack of acute vision...often, I get into a funky mood where I'd hardly pay attention to the visual...then one day, I noticed a number of people sitting on the sidewalk on the curb in front of me, as if my performance was a concert...I felt a sphere of energy emanating from the music, it wasn't something I was conscious of DOING rather, it was a HAPPENING I was witness to...a fellow with a three-piece suit and a "regular" haircut approached from the east, headed, as it turned out for the Tavern called Nick's English HUT, just to my right as I would play...his walking gait was like any other fellow living his live in a SUIT you've ever, goal-directed...not a shuffle or a he entered the "sphere" his body language shifted, he appeared aware of the communication between myself and the people seated on the curb, and his hips and shoulders slid into a swinging step...he turned, grinned, and flashed a smile in my face as he cross in front of my gaze...when he reached the other side of the "sphere" his walk returned to the same step he'd been employing before...This event was pronounced enough, that I can see it before my mind's eye, as I type the story, all these years later!

THAT Suit wasn't EMPTY!

Another time, on that very same bench, I can remember really feeling an intensity in my singing that was a wonder to behold. A volume of sound where I wasn't TRYING to be louder than usual, but the "juice" in that song that day, the zeitgeist of the moment was such that my vocal was echoing off of the wall of the building across the street! Kirkwood Avenue is a four-lane road, and the sidewalks are wider than most...with a good deal of pedestrian traffic, because the IU campus is only a block and a half to the east, and there are plenty of bars, and student oriented businesses within walking distance.

The BUBBLE of which I spoke above extended ALL THE WAY to that WALL! I saw several people turn towards the busker on the bench as they passed into that "bubble" - wondering where the sound was coming from...when they saw me watching THEM, they laughed and gave me vigorous THUMBS UP! AS with the fellow in the suit, these folks sauntered through the bubble...I was a very HAPPY busker, that day...