Do I EVER remember THOSE daze, er - umm...days...LOL!!!

No, this ain't no trip back to the sixties in THAT kind of 'magic' bus, I never did cotton to riding with other people's dogs...cats, pet iguanas, you get the picture? Come then, proceed with me in my tale of the title no one I know ever cared to claim...Emperor of THE NORTH I ain't - I'm nobody's


Busker 4 FREEDOM rides the Greyhound (...mostly, the old transcontinental TRAILWAYS system went out of business. Many people don't like to ride even overnight, but I developed a method of getting the most out of a sometimes 'trying' situation. I will soon detail my zen art of autobus travelling, complete, with references to pocket-size editions of the world's spiritual classics, which make fine - inspiring - reading for long bus trips...especially when you've already been across the Great Plains and the Salt Flats (in UTAH) more than a few times before...