was an oil boom town
for a stretch of time, before
as booms often do, the boom
went bottom up...Woodrow
Wilson Guthrie spent some of his
youth there and I've heard
folks his age, including a sister,
and a sister-in-law, speak
their recollections of him

Woody Guthrie

Memorial Statue, playing guitar

The pictures below were taken by a friend I met through the Woodstock69 Festival Website...It took us 2 years from the time we first started exchanging emails, but we both made it to the 2001 Woody Guthrie Festival outside of Okemah, Oklahoma in July, 2001...that fateful year...

Jesse Slokum
And Woody statue

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Jesse & Woody
As above, so below

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Woody Statue,
The entire mural

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More Photos from 2001