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Second Line

New Orleans Style

Your Host, busker4FREEDOM, who is quite often to be found DANCING 4 FREEDOM when he is not BUSKING, got his first lesson in the Famous Second LINE dance made famous in New Orleans. The Baptiste Family were guests of a fellow who loves the music of the BIG EASY so much, that he arranged for them to appear on a Friday night at Bloomington, INdiana's Second Story nightclub...This account will be amended as I get the details of the personnel and all of what they were playing listed in full...A somewhat thin crowd made up for the lack-lustre turnout with MUCH enthusiasm! Two sets were enough to have me changing tee-shirts three times in two hours...I will not attempt to explain the Second Line motions after only one exposure to it...but if you can stand, and move one foot around the other, you CAN do it in no time.