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Might I have this DANCE?

The DANCE Explosion

In the Nineteen Fifites & Sixties

Of course, there is a long history of popular dance crazes, in both English Speaking and Latin America, many influences blending in the (so-called) Melting Pot of american history...Hollywood took the stage musical to the movie houses in the furthest heretofore hinterlands - any place big enough to afford a movie theatre. Boradway extravaganzas mounted on the silver screen swept the land, affecting nearly everyone who didn't outright FORBID what they called lascivious dancing. As social attitudes loosened considerably during the 1950ies, the "STAGE" was set for the outburst that the next decade witnessed. The means of amplifying anf presenting sound in a balanced way lead to an explosion of nightclubs presenting live DANCE-ABLE music...


A list of named dances

Maybe the title of one Song LAND OF A THOUSAND DANCES was/is hyperbole, but given the affection of the human heart for writhing to rhythmic sound with a beat, we just might get there!