Might BE
doing it
right now!


The photo depicts the climax of a hokey-pokey dance at the end of The Country Joe McDonald Band's early evening set during the 35th annual Woodstock Festival Re-union, located in the horse pasture of Max Yasgur's homestead...the field where the original Aquarian Exposition - as it was billed - was sold when Max's heirs sold the sub-divided dairy farm...the barn, with a Yasgur's sign on it, is still there...

Put Your WHOLE Self IN

How did a bunch of free-wheeling adults - mostly - end up doing a kids dance? Well, the crowd couldn't get enough of the Band...Barry Melton - the FISH in the original lineup - no longer performs with the group, but the rest of the people who recorded Electric Music For The MIND & BODY were there, on a stage, under a weather canopy, I had helped erect...SO, Joe announced that he would only play more if people with participate in the song he was thinking of...we shouted assent, and the band commenced the HOKEY-POKEY!

...Ya put your right foot in, ya take your right foot out...LOL!!!