Some guy in a beany cap
braves woodstock
re-union mud
to dance4freedom...

(here's the "big" picture!

That's 4/5ths of THE Country Joe McDonald BANDon Stage.

Click the PICK!

Waltzing Matilda, Waltzing Matilda

I have to have played "You'll go a-waltzing Matilda...with me?" At least once in my 34 years of busking for freedom, probably even demonstrated a slow dragging shuffle of a jazz waltz...

Anyhow, during the Break-Dance craze

Kids and young adults agile enough to learn the moves - the steps - were definitely DANCING for FREEDOM!

This corner of the "GARDEN" here at busking4freedom will be devoted to Dancing in, on near the STREET! (BTW...those are hopping

in the font used here...LOL!!!)