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You've reached Drums4Freedom!

As a Guitarist singer, I have watched with much glee as more and more people bewgan to show up on streets, in doorways, on park benches with hand drums of various sizes. Not just congas and bongos, but other percussion instruments like tambourines, maracas, castanets, cowbells, et cetera...some would put out a basket to busking others would simply joyfully produce what was likely the earliest musical sound - beat rhythm...after singing of course, which we come capable of doing, as long as our vocal apparatus is functional.

The spirit of the DRUM performs for you below!

(This ain't no 'hand JIVE!' LOL!!!)

There will be other pages here asap, devoted to drummers4freedom, listing store in various cities. We buskers here in service of you all hope to have a dozen then maybe TWO dozen different website addresses for your drumming needs...