I sing the songs I like.

They aren't always the most popular written by some very popular artist.

Fave Raves

Listed below are the artists who wrote the very MIXED BAG...the variety of songs I play/sing...(considering the busking moment to be ever present...we might talk of mornings, afternoons, evenings, sunset, dusk, 'round or after midnite...but I care not to get anymore CLOCK time specific about it...a pocket watch given to me because it was the type the

had stopped at 4:20...I keep it because of that...after all the time is correct twice a day...LOL!!!


Links you to a page where I will list the songs by that writer/composer that I sing and find fantastick for busking...if there is a chord or tab version on line there will be a link for that...other wise, the artist's name will link you to the page on that site where the lyric list can be found...

Bruce Cockburn

Canada Can BE Proud Of Him!

Leonard Cohen

Bob Dylan

The KID from Hibbing, MN - The Dyl~styr

Richie Havens

(But of Course!)

Tom Lehrer

Inimitable - who COULD copy him?

John Prine

Leon Russell

Stranger in a Strange Land?
Listen to Leon sing the song!

Neil Young

(I do not try to sound like him! I simply sing his songs!!)