Speaking of asking questions often considered impertinent by those "in" authority, what could be more DECLARED and less read outside of classroom situations besides the Declaration of INDEPENDENCE?

Declaration of Independence

I have found a remarkable resource at the Duke University web site which reveals the creation, revision, and final PUBLIC rendition of the Declaration as we have been taught it. .Like most important work, the final version was the result of a committee of persons responsible, in the deepest way possible, in that they KNEW their lives were at stake, and that what they were proposing to DECLARE would be called TREASON by the "CROWN" of England.

DO yourselves and your fellow citizens a favor and give this wonderful resource a GANDER!

You will find Jefferson's Original Draft, The Committee's Draft, The Final Document + A Guided Tour of the Evolution of the Declaration: The Hypertext Declaration of Independence There is also a A List of the Declaration's Signers. MAY the pages provided serve the liberty and independence of us FREEDOM lovers who visit this site...