Can expose the authoritarian streak in us all. Don't you agree?

Let the questions BEGIN...

Who hasn't seen this on a bumper or lapel pin? I chose bodoni for the font because of its "carved in stone" look...For starters, I'm telling you a funny bit about an activist I met with NO detectable sense of HUMOR...Your host here at Busking4FREEDOM has been an actor and got a part because I answered SURE! when asked could I "take direction?" My sense of humor is quirky and tends to be ad-libbed in response to "STRAIGHT" lines, wherever I hear them and I consider it SAFE to be funny, even when not expected...

Up steps an Activist...

I don't remember what cause the fellow was espousing, when in the middle of his "pitch" he COMMANDED me to QUESTION AUTHORITY! I'm a sucker for irony, and so I decided to see how supple and FREE thinking his mind really might be...I took his commanding tone of voice to mean he was the director of THE REALITY "SHOW" I find myself in, so I acted like he LITERALLY meant what he said


contemplate the following...
note that the tone of voice rises
at the end of a questioning sentence.
In this case, one word, as a question, suffices

Please note that I've used a font that rocks and rolls right along across the page at a rollicking pace...and that the colors approximate you know what...LOL!!! I of course exaggurated the rising of the pitch to indicate humor, but the fellow stood there, stiff in his body language, like a GENERAL used to being obeyed...I looked in his face...I will say this with virtually NO hyperbole...he had the look of a raging bull...AND this guy assumed the authority was not resident in him? OH...well, what's a busker 4 freedom to do? FREEDOM all too often can be a lonesome valley that one needs to cross by oneself...


Expect to see pages detailing the kind of questions the mere asking of which can get you incarcerated, tortured, starved, gruesomely slaughtered if far too many places yet today on this THIRD STONE FROM THE SUN

Your host here