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To the Heart Leads Back HOME

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Here, you'll soon find a collection of fotos taken over the years, on benches, in plazas, sitting on trees...LOL!!! I'm providing 'thumbnails' here, including the kilobyte size of the images for those who have dial-up modem connections, rather than DSL fast downloads...for now, you will see one foto, handed to me YEARS after it was taken...the lamppost isn't even there any more, and ALL the small shops in Bloomington's DunnKirk Square have gone through several turnovers...this location is just across the street from my favorite bench so old-fashioned wooden park bench with Group W stenciled on it...

Standing, Sitting, Dancing

It's all the same, when one is


Back in the 70ies

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L'i'l 5 Points, Atlanta

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Strawberry Fields

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These three below are in a gorge
outside of Ithaca, NY

The fellow with whom I rode back from the 2005 StrangeCreek Fest
drove me out to this gorgeous place for a photo session

(Gorgeous Gorge!)

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Find the busker?
(Like a bridge...LOL!!!)

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'NEW' bench, same
old Bluebird!

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At the woody guthrie memorial park in downtown Okemah, OK