(Well...sort of...I mean...LOL!!!)

After the first four songs I give links for below. they are listed in according to the impact of my life...Since, I was filmed responding to a request made during Richie Havens' stirring FREEDOM MEDLEY, which ended up being spliced into the middle of footage of him performing it ( his final and "UMPTEENTH" encore..) It get gets top "billing" - for the full story,

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.Richie Has his own site, with the lyrics to FREEDOM and even a photo illustrated page where he reveals the OPEN "D" tuning he uses and the chords to his highly rhythmic rendition.


How Havens does it

More Havens Open D chording

I, myself play the song in standard EADGBE tuning in the key of A minor...

For the time being, I'm simply giving you three more songs of/about/for FREEDOM that are most influential for me.

Birmingham Sunday
Richard Farina adopted a Traditional ballad
for this narrative broadside relating the murder
of four African-American choir girls in 1963
(and the CHOIR KEEPS singing of FREEDOM...)


(The KID from Hibbing, MN...)

BY Aretha Franklin & Ted White,
with its STIRRING chorus of simple repetitions of the word FREEDOM!

I first heard this song years after the others, but it ranks high with me!

Check back often as I expand this list

Find the Cost of Freedom

Redemption Song