Come Rain, OR, Come SHINE

"I can show you, it's all a state of mind..."

cream unicorn looks right, blue background Many is the mile I have carried a hard-shell guitar case on county roads, state & interstate highways, even 10 miles on dusty dirt roads through wheat fields in eastern Washington State - in JUNE of 1968 - switching arms back & forth to rest my shoulders, elbows, wrists & hands. They tend to wear out and need to be duct-taped around the edges of the lid & bottom. Of course, the material of the case is a great place to put stickers.

light blue unicorn looks right, cream background Yet, when "gig bags" of solid construction & stitching came along, I realized how useful they could be. The pictures below speak pages & pages of word. If you want a short description of each separate view, "CLICK" the word DESCRIPTION under each photo. Enjoy your visit!
ON with the SHOW!