Here's a cogent
essay by attorney
Gerry Spence. ON

Reading this helped
your host here talk
to others about
what fear is.

"Fear is also the stuff
of courage. We
cannot be brave
without fear."
- Gerry Spence

Freedom From FEAR

Freedom from FEAR - is this even possible? Has a human being ever lived, who was completely free from fear. On the surface - of the FOUR FREEDOMS pedestal, literally, the thought arises that the fear being noted was the fear of persecution, punishment and ultimately...DEATH at the hands of someone possessed of the power of the STATE who doesn't agree with your political stance, your religious tenets, the shape of your nose, the length of your hair or beard (or even the LACK of a beard!), and most woefully...perhaps...the color of your skin. When one has to attend to hiding any of these aforementioned things, it's hard to be a gardener, an artist, a FREE person, capable of discovering/inventing new ways to take care of oneself, one's family, to provide relief and sustenance for one's village, country, world.

There are times when the 'greater good' - the mahatman, (to borrow a phrase from the East, if you will...), requires caution be cast upon the wind. One such time in my life as a Busker4FREEDOM occured the summer that a fanatic follower of a radically right-wing white supremicist group went on a shooting spree that led to this individual firing upon some Korean Methodist worshippers one Sunday in July...I recall hearing about this after the shooting had occurred, yet before it was determined that the fellow had fled Indiana for the neighboring state of Illinois. I had to decide whether to sit on the bench where I had busked for years, or not. After carefully considering my options, I determined that I needn't "Give an inch to fear, because I promised myself this year...I feel like I owe it to SOMEONE..." - this from a David Crosby song from the early I sang all the songs I knew about living one's life consciously, and freely...