Bartering, donating and giving clothes and cast-offs, a fine way to take care of one's needs, and contribute to other's needs at the same time!

Beatles, in harmony:
"Do you need anybody?"
"I need somebody to LOVE..."

FREE From "free"

A MOST Intriguing THING

HAPPENS when we put double QUOTES


Around a word!

Bloomington, Indiana - in the UPLANDS of southern central Indiana, sits atop a huge limestone deposit. Some of that is called Salem limestone...a quarry south of this college town, has once again been worked for the second time, to remove the facade stone for the Empire State Building...since the the grime of the urban air and the natural effect of sea-salt winds on the east coast had weathered the original, stone which matches the original quality and hue is available. Many of the earlier buildings of Indiana University were also quarried locally, in fact some of the Salem limestone is even visible where a creek called the Jordan River cuts through an open space called Dunn Meadow...

What is a "free" bench?

As Busker4FREEDOM, your host here at has visited many towns, cities, park benches, bus depots, levees along the Mississippi and what not...many towns I've sojourned in and through are College towns...where a major university might actually be the biggest single employer of record...I have found many fine food co-ops in these places, and my "ALPHA" base, Bloomington, is no exception...for years, people would place clothes, shoes, pots, pans, books, recordings, canned food and much more on benches outside of such places...which came to be known as the FREE BENCH, even when some places would build a cabinet-like box to keep the articles from getting soaked in the rain...

Keeping the CIRCLE round!

As an itinerant artist, I would often leave and/or arrive in a place with only as much clothing/worldly goods as the interstate buses would allow in the luggage bays/rack over your seat...SO, I got practiced at letting go of attachment to items I would often accumulate cheaply after a few months in oh, say, Tucson, AZ or Berkeley, experience taught me to trust in the "WIND" so to speak...I also became practiced at the knack of finding items that suited my fancy...and kept me from feeling destitute or deprived, because I had little coin of the realm sometimes...People would compliment me on my finds, and I created the phrase BENCH WEAR to describe what I had picked up off the "free" bench...YET, I eventually noticed a tendency among the denizens of the "underground" culture in America since the sixties to simply assume that "everything SHOULD - ought to - be free, man"

I'd studied enough about language and semantics in college, to have such statements...raise an eyebrow...for they are CATEGORICAL! I would even ask the most strident of them what made such declarations, you mean everywhere, all the time? To which I'd get an affirmative response! It isn't that I am condemning the need of some folks to make such blanket statements, but I have NEVER been afraid to work AT getting something made, done or kept together. Since I declared myself

FREE from "free"

I have had a good deal of success in providing for myself and others, keeping track of what matters to me, and manifesting my dreams in REAL time and space...Is it surprising that the declarers of Everything SHOULD be "free, MAN" seldom seem to be around when it is time to keep something worth saving in motion?