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Here Are Tom Petty's I Won't Back Down song lyrics.

Freedom Of Religion

OF the FOUR FREEDOMS carved into the stone of Monroe County, Indiana's memorial pedestal - to be found near the NW corner of the old courthouse square - freedom of religion is the most contested, and constantly challenged, both from those who would say it SHOULD be freedom FROM superstition, and among the ways that various religious sects treat all other religious persuasions. All of this notwithstanding, the freedom to believe how we happen to be here and whether or not we have any "LIFE" after death grew out of the experience of that generation of literate - studious - individuals who convened to form a government independent of the CROWN of England, and who saw fit, after much debate, to DECLARE themselves a sovereign nation, endowed with the powers that did NATURALLY reside amongst/within themselves...this after nearly two centuries of witnessing the successive waves of bloody rendering of condemnation, and even torturous death upon those who would not BOW DOWN to the tenets the sect which had gained the power of execution (resident on the ruler's function) demained faith in...

Since that time, sectarian division amongst those claming to be "disciples" of the one they call CHRIST has multiplied, in dizzying array...modern printing devices making the printing of "holy" text and tracts ever more quick, simple and cheap...and modern electronic discoveries making the broadcast and telecast of one's views about the planet closer and closer to instantaneous...we can see not only the rising of a new following for a charismatic personality, but it's effect on everyone in point? Jonestown... (BE IT HERE RESOLVED: There Shall Be No MORE.

Where Do I Stand?

On my own two feet...thankful that I am ambulatory, still...willing to be of service to those who have lost this mobility, or who were born without it...and, AS the Tom Petty song says...I won't back DOWN! - To me, the preceding sentence conveys the best of every walk of life I have encountered in my years of BUSKING4FREEDOM...IF I may dare to present a "nutshell" version of what is common to all religious traditions - in their POSITIVE effect on human behavior...